Vancouver, BC – Music BC, the voice of British Columbia’s music industry, today announced 15 artists who will be the first to participate in ARC, an intensive accelerator program – providing an opportunity to a range of artists who are as diverse as the musical genres they represent.

ARC was the created to advance the business, creative, and technical skills of recording artists to help them build a sustainable career in the music industry—both at home and away. The initiative is supported by a three-year funding commitment of $600,000 from the BC government.

“The Province recognizes that increasing skills training and cultivating talent is an important pathway to supporting local musicians,” said Melanie Mark, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport. “We responded to a call to action and know there is so much talent right here in our backyard, and we want to support B.C.’s artists to reach for the stars and build sustainable careers. I am excited to see them shine, and I wish the first program participants the brightest future”.

ARC will include three components throughout late July-September:

  • The Clinic is a multi-day training intensive where participants will attend business-focused workshops on revenue streams, branding and building a business plan, followed by assignments for continued learning and progress check-ins with ARC mentors.
  • The Retreat is another multi-day intensive comprised of one-on-one and group mentorship sessions with world-class industry leaders, with a focus on all the creative components that go into growing and sustaining an audience and brand, including writing, recording, vocal and live performance training.
  • The Show is an opportunity for participants to perform at September’s Rifflandia Festival, in front of a live audience of fans, local and international industry members.

“Music BC is absolutely thrilled by the quality and the calibre of musicians that applied for the program, underlining the level of emerging talent in this province,” said Executive Director Lindsay MacPherson. “Equally impressive is the diversity of artists and range of musical genres represented. Providing opportunities to artists who mirror society is a key aspect of the program,” added Nate Sabine, President of the Music BC Board of Directors.

“As a musician myself, I know how important a program like this can be in educating and providing networking opportunities that can help launch and sustain a music career,” said Bob D’Eith, Parliamentary Secretary for Arts and Film. “By providing young musicians with the fundamentals through programs like ARC, we are setting them up for success. I really look forward to seeing them grow both on and off-stage.”

“Stingray is honoured to be working with Music BC to accelerate the development of musical talent in Canada, says Steve Jones – SVP/Brands & Content, Stingray Radio. The empowerment of artists through ARC will build lasting careers in music, and we believe that a vibrant and healthy music industry has benefits that ripple across society as a whole.”

“We are thrilled to be hosting participants of this unique program in its first year,” says Nick Blasko, President, and CEO of Rifflandia Festival. “Rifflandia and Music BC have been partnering for over a decade now, spotlighting incredible BC artists as well as the work of industry partners who support our sector”

Learn more about the inaugural roster of participants at

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