This multi-stage program will advance the business, creative, and technical skills of recording artists to help them build sustainable careers in the music industry—both at home and away. Led by a faculty of music industry professionals, participants will benefit from decades of experience and success within the music business.


Starting now, BC voices go global.

Program Breakdown

BC is bubbling with musical talent that exceeds the level of infrastructure and industry available. The local music scene has history. It has grit. It has something to say—ARC is here to support and radiate those voices.

Music Genre:

All music genres may apply to participate in ARC; however, popular international music genres will be given preference. Eligibility and adjudication criteria are set by the ARC Program Committee and may be amended from time to time.

Original Artists:

Priority will be given to Artists who write and perform their own songs.

Qualifying Artist:

ARC is a program designed to aid in the development of new and emerging artists (as opposed to artists with no track record or established artists with a significant track record). ARC Artists should have some track record in BC but have yet to break out and achieve significant success in the music industry domestically or internationally.

Age limit:

Applicants must be a minimum of 19 years of age on or before April 26th, 2024, to apply to participate in ARC. In the case of a band, all members must be of age to qualify for the program.

Travel & Attendance:

Artists must be willing to travel to attend ARC program components including (but not limited to) The Clinic, The Retreat and The Show. Attendance and participation in The Clinic, The Retreat and The Show is required for all ARC Artists. For Artists consisting of 2 or more permanent members, attendance at The Clinic may be limited to a designated professional lead and one other permanent member due to capacity limitations in this component.


The Artist must have resided in British Columbia for at least 200 of the 365 days immediately preceding the date of application. In the case of a band or group, the majority or 50% of the permanent performing members must meet the above BC residency requirements. Proof of residency may be requested.


​​Artist must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident. Proof of Residency may be requested. In the case of a band or group, the majority or 50% of the permanent performing members must be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents.